Fester EP


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Marci Skogley
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Marci Skogley Great little ep this shit fucks Favorite track: Necrobirth.
Melanie Burke
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Melanie Burke Damn good EP!! If you don’t bang your head to this there is something wrong with you. Favorite track: Fester.
joey johnston
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joey johnston skullcrushing death metal at its absolute finest man, excited for what these dudes got in store. glad to finally have this in the collection. Favorite track: Fester.
eyeddoubloon653 thumbnail
eyeddoubloon653 Best DM EP of 2020, totally not biased. Favorite track: Necrobirth.
666\OhShitPatSajak/666 thumbnail
666\OhShitPatSajak/666 Want to go to a bangin' party yo??! And I was like, hellz yeah! And now jamming this EP, getting all hands and nasty. Buy it you wretched little shits \,,/666\,,/ Favorite track: Necrobirth.
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You were born to be cast into the abyss. Look back at your pitiful life, Born a bastard, die a sinner, Your existence was in vain, Now you’ll spend your death in nightmares, Bastard of the underworld, Your fate is sealed beneath the grave, Necrophobic waste of flesh, Join the choir of worthless souls. Denied by the trinity, Consumed by a blood-red void, Blinded by the dark of hell, Worthless fuck for the world to see, Ripped apart by the scavengers, Tearing flesh from your lifeless corpse, Paralyzed in the depths of hell, All you can do is scream. Ruptured spinal tissue, Shattered broken rib cage, Punctured bleeding organs, Ritualistic torture. DEVOURING INNARDS
Necrobirth 04:47
Stalking from a distance, Another body with no purpose, Fucked and killed, stabbed to death, Defiled again during her last breath. Buried six feet below the surface, Ready to defile, her slowly rotting carcass, Exhumed from her grave, Pale and limp, flesh decayed. Raped in her eternal sleep, A twisted mass begins to form, Dying tissue grows in her foul womb, Buried again her casket invaded. Stench of the raped cadaver breaks through the earth, Her flesh expands, gases build up, Ready to burst. Corpse, raped unknown, Draped in gore, Corpse deformed, Flesh engorged. Body full of gas and fluids Extrusion begins Putrefied body leaking Deformed bod, To be released upon this wretched world, Laboring, convulsing, prolapsing putrefying. Gases push out, Out her cunt, Mother and child, Left to rot. Nonviable, Decomposed, Pleasurable, Necrophile, Raped in burial, Nothing left but bones.
Parasite, Burrowing inside, Sadistic worm begins to writhe, Suffer through the pain, Self righteousness sets you free. Pulled in, pushed away, Set me free, Living life through suffering, Constantly torturing, I’m not your fucking host, Your disappearance is what I want the most. Parasite, Feeding off of fear, Suffering and innocence, Your life which you’ve held dear, Memories, dripping hatred, Soaked in parasites secretion of manipulation. Latching onto my brain, Sadistic intentions, Selfish toxicity, Feeding off of me. Draining my life force, Forced into happiness, Deeper and deeper, Inside my head, Spewing your vile toxins. Engorged, expanding, exiting the throat, Breaking my soul, bleeding from my neck, Pleased off my screams of agony, Validated off of death, Dislocating my jaw, barbs puncture my jugular, Killing your host, nothing left to give, Mutilated corpse goes unrecognized.
Fester 04:12
Lying dead facing the sky, A brutal way to putrefy, Displayed among grass and trees, Melting flesh under the sunrise, Festering mess of a human, Disgust of the brutal scene, Decomposition sets in, Flesh turns yellow and marbling. Flies lay eggs in open wounds, Maggots feeding on rotting meat, Scavengers gorge with carrion, A gore filled process of deterioration, Limbs detached and fed upon, Bones gnawed covered in congealed blood, Remnants scattered on the dirt, Fester, deep in the woods left alone, Blood soaked clothes fuse to body, Left to rot, foul stench, Eviscerated torso, Entrails forcing out, Head decaying, brain matter, Filling with maggots and flies, Impaled up and out the mouth, For the world to see. Eyes gouged, Intestines out, Torn apart, Festering rot, Bones smashed, Skull cracked, Rotting mess, Of human flesh. Skin sloughed off and eaten, Clawed and chewed on by vermin, Still rotting on the stake, Mangled and twisted, Unrecognizable body, Teeth removed and limbless, Preserving what’s left in the sun, Stench of decay permanently lingering. Blood soaked clothes fuse to body, Left to rot, foul stench, Eviscerated torso, Entrails forcing out, Head decaying, brain matter, Filling with maggots and flies, Impaled up and out the mouth, For the world to see.


Frozen Screams Imprint proudly presents the debut EP from Wretched Inferno out of Northeastern Mass.

DEATH METAL IS DYING. Millions across the globe sit in utter boredom as yet another "technical death metal" band releases a carbon copy of Epitaph. The population needs a change. It needs a break from boring, repetitive death metal by nerds who think having a single riff in 7/4 makes them technical.

WRETCHED INFERNO deliver old school, bone-snapping riffs from the depths of Schittsville, MA, to bring order to the death metal community once again. With only 4 songs, they leave no survivors with their groovy but sharp approach to death metal. Take a listen yourself, and watch as your IQ points drop not to that of a caveman, but of an ape.

Reject Humanity.
Embrace Monky.
Listen to Wretched Inferno.

Colin Buchanan - Bass/Vocals
TJ Chisholm - Guitar
Will Robinson - Drums/Vocals

Recorded at Gorenest Studios by Colin Buchanan
Mixed and Mastered by Maximo Silverman

Logo and Artwork by Back From the Grave

Bandcamp: wretchedinferno.bandcamp.com
Instagram: @wretchedinferno_




released March 5, 2021


all rights reserved



Frozen Screams Imprint Oceanside, New York

Imprint / label + printed zine storming the underground with frigid death.


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